12th Commerce Important 5 Mark Questions With Answers

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12th Commerce Important 5 Mark Questions With Answers

12th Commerce Important 5 Mark Questions With Answers
12th Commerce Important 5 Mark Questions

Answer all the following Questions. (30 x 5 = 150)

  1. Explain the principles of modern management.
  2. Explain the various functions of management.
  3. Discuss the disadvantages of MBE.
  4. Enumerate the different types of financial markets.
  5. Explain the various types of New Financial Institutions.
  6. Explain the characteristics of Money Market?
  7. Distinguish between Stock Exchange and Commodity Exchange.
  8. What are the functions of SEBI?
  9. Describe the significance of Human Resource Management.
  10. What is the Recent trends in Recruitment?
  11. Explain the important methods of interview
  12. Discuss various types of training.
  13. How the market can be classified on the basis of Economics?
  14. Narrate the Elements of Marketing mix.
  15. Explain in detail how traditional marketing differ from E-marketing.
  16. What are the objectives of Consumer Protection Act, 1986?
  17. What are the rights of consumers?
  18. Explain the overall performance of the National Commission.
  19. Explain the micro environmental factors of business.
  20. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of liberalisation.
  21. Distinguish between Conditions and Warranty.
  22. Discuss in detail the features of a cheque.
  23. Discuss the challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs
  24. Discuss the nature of functional entrepreneurs.
  25. Explain any five Government Entrepreneurial schemes.
  26. What are the various kinds of Debentures?
  27. Who are the KMP?
  28. Explain different types of open and secret types of voting.
  29. Discuss the implications of span of management.
  30. Explain the primary functions of management OR secondary functions of Management

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