12th Commerce Important 3 Mark Questions

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12th Commerce Important 3 Mark Questions

12th Commerce Important 3 Mark Questions English Medium. 12th Commerce Public Exam Very Important Questions and answer key. Class 1 to 12 All Subject Book Back Answers.  

12th Commerce Important Questions
12th Commerce Important Questions

12th Commerce Important Questions

Answer all the following Questions. (30 x 3 = 90)

  1. Differentiate management from Administration.
  2. How the employees are informed about important matters in a company?
  3. What are the Process of MBE?
  4. Give the meaning and definition of Financial Market.
  5. What are the various kinds of Capital Market? Explain.
  6. Explain the types of Treasury Bills?
  7. Explain Bull and Bear.
  8. Draw the organization structure of SEBI.
  9. Define the term Human Resource Management.
  10. State the steps in Recruitment process outsourcing
  11. What is structured interview?
  12. Write short note on trainer and trainee.
  13. Mention any three role of Marketer.
  14. What do you mean by marketing mix? Write any two elements
  15. Discuss the objectives E-Marketing
  16. What is meant by artificial scarcity?
  17. What do you understand about "Right to protection of health and safety"?
  18. Write a note on the Voluntary Consumer Organisation.
  19. What do you know about Technological environment?
  20. Write a short note on New Economic Policy.
  21. Discuss in detail about existing goods.
  22. What are the characteristics of a bill of exchange?
  23. Distinguish between entrepreneur and Manager.
  24. Explain about the imitative entrepreneur
  25. Expand the following: ''STEP, JAM, TREAD, M-SIPS, SEED, and New Gen IEDC''.
  26. What do you understand by Issue of Securities at Premium?
  27. Who is a shadow director?
  28. Give any three cases in which an ordinary resolution need to be passed.
  29. Explain Management Vs Administration.
  30. Bring out the Subsidiary Functions of Management.

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