12th Commerce Important 2 Mark Questions

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12th Commerce Important 2 Mark Questions

12th Standard Commerce Important 2 Mark Questions With Answers

12th Commerce Important 2 Mark Questions English Medium. 12th Commerce Public Exam Very Important 2 Marks Questions and answer key. Class 1 to 12 All Subject Book Back Answers.  

12th Commerce Important Questions
12th Commerce Important Questions

Answer all the following Questions. (30 x 2 = 60)

  1. State the meaning of Authority.
  2. What is meant by Motivation?
  3. Bring out the meaning of MBE.
  4. How is price decided in a Secondary Market?
  5. How is price determined in a Capital Market?
  6. What is a CD market?
  7. What is meant by Remisier?
  8. What are the various ID proofs?
  9. State two features of HRM.
  10. What is promotion?
  11. What is intelligence test?
  12. State e-Iearning method?
  13. What is Market?
  14. What is Marketing?
  15. What is Ambush Marketing?
  16. Who is a consumer?
  17. What are the rights of consumer according to John F. Kennedy?
  18. State the meaning of the term State commission.
  19. What is internal environment?
  20. Give any two advantages of Globalisation.
  21. What is meant by goods?
  22. What is meant by Negotiable Instrument?
  23. List down the managerial functions of entrepreneurs.
  24. Who are agricultural entrepreneur?
  25. List down the two types of finance for Entrepreneur.
  26. What is Bonus Shares?
  27. Who is called as Managing Director?
  28. Who is a secretary?
  29. What is unity of direction?
  30. "Look before you Leap is the proverb. Which function of management is highlighted here

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