10th English Unit 1 Prose Assignment Answers TN SCERT

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10th English Unit 1 – Prose

Assignment Answers TN SCERT

10th Standard English Unit 1 – Prose Assignment Answer key. TN SCERT Assignment Answer Key.  10th Standard All Subject TN SCERT Assignment Unit 1 Answers. TN SCERT Announced 1st to 12th All Subject Assignment Worksheets for Unit 1. Students Can Note that 10th english Unit 1 TNSCERT Assignment.  12th Tamil Assignment Answers, 12th Tamil Assignment Answers download PDF. 12th Maths Assignment Answers Unit 1 TNSCER Tamil Medium and English Medium.  

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10th English Prose Assignment Answers

10th Standard English Unit 1 TN SCERT Assignment Answer key.

10th ENGLISH - UNIT 1 - PROSE TN SCERT Unit 1 Answers


  • Class: 10th
  • Subject: English | PROSE
  • Unit 1 -    Unit 1- PROSE- HIS FIRST FLIGHT 

Part - A

 I. Answer the following

Choose the meanings of the underlined word

I) He was soaring gradually
a) rising b) ground c) decrease d) fall

II) They were beckoning to him
 a) repel b) hate c) push d) calling

Choose the antonyms of the underlined word
III) He fell outward
a) below b) outside c) inward d) climb

IV) They laughed at his cowardice
a) bravery b) timid c) afraid d) runback

V) Find out the odd word
Brother, Sister, Mother, Grandson

Part – B

II. Answer the following:

1) Why did the seagull fail to fly?
  • The young seagull hesitated and feared to fly. He thought that his wings would not support him. Hence the sea gull failed to fly.

2) What was the first catch of the young seagull‟s older brother?
  •  The first catch of the young seagull’s older brother was herring, a type of fish.

3) Why did the young bird utter a joyful scream?
  • The seagull was quite hungry and yearned for food. When he saw a piece of fish in the beak of his mother, the sight was quite tempting and suddenly dived at the fish forgetting that he didn’t know how to fly and uttered a joyful scream falling outwards and downwards into space.

Part – C

III. Write In Detail.

1) Describe the struggles underwent by the young seagull to overcome its fear
 of flying?
Liam O’ Flaherty is an Irish novelist and short-story writer. One of the best stories of him is “His First Flight”. This story is a parable about overcoming fears in life.

The young seagull:
The young seagull was one among the four off springs. He was not courageous. He was alone on the ledge. His parents, brothers and sister had flown away. He was afraid of flying. The little bird felt that his wings would not support him.

The reaction of parents:
The young bird’s parents, brothers and sister not only scolded, but also encouraged him. But he didnot have enough courage to fly. He was left alone for many hours. He could find nothing except the dried pieces of egg shells. He felt that he was starving to death.

The young one’s first flight:
The young bird was hungry. He begged his mother to bring a piece of fish. His parents wanted to teach him to fly. The mother seagull picked up a piece of fish. She flew across him. The sight of food maddened him. He cried and screamed. His wings opened up automatically. He flapped his wings. He realized that he was flying.”

Encouragement of the family:
The young bird’s family was very happy. His mother divided him. His father flew over him. His brothers and sister were flying around him. His family joined him in his first flight. They praised him for his effort. He was offered scraps of dog fish.

This story speaks about the reluctance and courage of the bird.

“Confidence is the key to success”


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