12th Physics Assignment Answers TN SCERT

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12th Physics Assignment Answers 2021

TN SCERT Full Answer Key 

12th Physics Assignment Answers. 12th Standard TN SCERT Assignment Answers, 12th Physics Unit 1 TN SCERT Answer key 2021. 12th Standard All Subject TN SCERT Assignment Unit 1 Answers. TN SCERT Announced 1st to 12th All Subject Assignment Worksheets for Unit 1. Students Can Note that 12th Physics Unit 1 TNSCERT Assignment.  12th Tamil Assignment Answers, 12th Maths Assignment Answers download PDF. 12th Physics Assignment Answers Unit 1 TNSCER Tamil Medium and English Medium.  

12th Physics Assignment Answers

12th Standard Physics Unit 1 TN SCERT Assignment Answer key.

10th Assignment Answers TN SCERT

12th Physics
Assignment Answers TN SCERT

·       Class:12

·       Subject: Physics

·       Unit - 1.



1. One Mark Questions

1. The unit of charge is Coulumb

2. The value of "Eo" is 8.854X10-12

3. Electric potential is quantity Scalar

4. The electric lines start from……….to………………..

5. Torque experienced by on electric dipole in the uniform electric field t =p x E (vector)

6. If the point 'p' lies on the equatorial line of the dipole, then 0= 90°, Hence "V" = 0

7. What is polarization?

8. The value of IMF is?

9. What is action of point?

10. The SI unit of capacitance is? Farad


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II. Very Short Answer.

1. State coulomb's law

2. Define electic dipole.

3. Define Equi- potential ace

4. What is electric flux?

5. Write Gauss law

Gauss law: Gauss’s law states that if a charge Q is enclosed by an arbitrary closed surface, then the total electric flux ΦE through the closed surface is

ΦE = ∮E⃗  .d A⃗  = Qendε0

A positive point charge Q is surrounded by an imaginary sphere of radius r as shown in figure. We can calculate the total electric flux through the closed surface of the sphere using the equation.



III. Short Answer

1. Verify coulomb's law

2. Write the properties of electric lines of force.

3. Derive Electric potential due to a point charge

4. Explain the energy stored in the capacitor.

5. Write the application of capacitors.



IV. Write in detail.

1. Derive the Electric field due to an electric dipole at point of the axial line.


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