10th Maths Assignment Answers TN SCERT

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10th Maths Assignment Answers 2021

TN SCERT Full Answer Key 

10th Maths Assignment Answers. 10th Standard TN SCERT Assignment Answers, 10th Maths Unit 1 TN SCERT Answer key 2021. 10th Standard All Subject TN SCERT Assignment Unit 1 Answers. TN SCERT Announced 1st to 12th All Subject Assignment Worksheets for Unit 1. Students Can Note that 10th Mathematics Unit 1 TNSCERT Assignment.  10th Tamil Assignment Answers, 10th Tamil Assignment Answers download PDF. 10th Maths Assignment Answers Unit 1 TNSCER Tamil Medium and English Medium.  

10th Maths Assignment Answers

10th Standard Maths Unit 1 TN SCERT Assignment Answer key.

10th Tamil TN SCERT Unit 1 Answers


  • Class:10
  • Subject: MATHEMATICS
  • Unit 1- Relations And Functions.

Part A

 I. Multiple Choice Questions:

 1. If n(A x B)- 6and A-(1,3]thenn(B)is




d) 6

Ans: C) 3

2. A-{a,b.p). B=(2,3), C (p.q.r.s)then, n[(AUC)X B] is

a) 8

b) 20

c) 12

d) 16

Ans: C) 12


3. If there are 512 relations from a set A-(2,3,5]to a setB, then the number of elements in B is a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Ans: b) 3


4. The range of the relation R={(x,X2/X –is a prime number less than 13} is

a) (2,3,5,7)


c) (4,9,25,49,121)

d) {1,4,9,25,49,121)

Ans: c) (4,9,25,49,121)


5. if the ordered pairs (a+2,4) and (5,2a+b) are equal then (a,b) is,

a) (2,-2)

b) (5,1)

c) (2.3)

d) (3,-2)

Ans: d) (3,-2)


6. Let n(A) = M and n(B) = n then the total number of non-empty relations that can be defined from A to B is

a) mn

b) nm

c) 2mn-1

d) 2mn

Ans: d) 2mn


7. if ((a,b), (7,b)]represents an identity function, then the value of a and b are respectively

a) (5, 7)

b) (5,5)

c) (7,5)

d) (7, 7)

Ans: …………..

8. f(x) = 2x and g(x) =1/3x then fog is

Ans: c) 2/9x2


9. If f: A-Bis a bijective function and if n(B) - 7 thenn(A) is equal to

a) 7

b) 49

c) 1

d) 14

Ans: a) 7


 10. f(x) = (x+1)³(x-1)³ represents a function which is

a) Linear

b) Cubic

c) reciprocal

d) Quadratic

Ans: d) Quadratic


II. Short Answer:

11. If A= (1,3,5), and B = {2,3,}then findA x B and B x A.


12. If B x A = {(-2,3), (-2,4), (0,3), (0,4), (3, 3), (3,4)}, find A and B


13. Given the function f : x x² -5x + 6 evaluate f(2)


14. Define onto function.


15. Find k if f.f(k)= 5 where f (k) = 2k-1


Part - C


III.Solve the following:

16. Let A (0,1), B = {2,3,4 )and C=(3,5)verity that A x (BUC) - (AXB) U (AXC)

17. Let A = {1, 2, 3, 4 )and B = {2,5,8, 11, 14 )be two sets, Let f: A B be a function given by f (x) = 3x - 1 Represent this function

i) By arrow diagram

ii) in a table form

iii) as a set of ordered pairs

iv) in a graphical form


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