9th Social Science History Assignment Answers TN SCERT

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9th Social Science History Assignment Answers TN SCERT

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9th Standard Social Science History Unit 1 Assignment Answers.  

9th Assignment Answers TN SCERT

9th Standard Social Science | History Unit 1 TN SCERT Assignment Answer key.


10th Assignment Answers TN SCERT

9th Social Science TN SCERT Unit 1 Answers

9th Social Science-History Assignment Answer 2021


  • Class:9
  • Subject: Social Science | HISTORY

Unit 1

Evolution Of Humans And Society Pre Historic Period

Part - A

I. Choose the correct answers:

1. The study of human part the analysis and interpretation of material remains is ----------
a) anthropology
b) archaeology
c) geology
d) genetics

2 published the books on the origin of species.
a) Herbert spencer
b) Rousseaer
c) Charles Darwin
d) Sir Robert Bruce Foote

3. Modern humans related to human ancestors are known as --.
a) Homo sapiens
b) Homo habits
c) Homo erectus
d) Neandarthalenus

4. The word Levalloisian is related to --.
a) Vessels used by Paleolithic people
b) Stone tools used by Paleolithic people
c) Rock painting of Paleolithic age
d) Pet animals of Paleolithic people

5. During the______new techniques were used to make stone tools.

a) Paleolithic age
b) Mesolithic age
c) Iron age
d) Neolithic age

Part - B

II. Short Answer

1. What is anthropology?

2. List out the feature of megalithic burial  types :
  • The Iron Age is also known as Megalithic since people created burials with large stones for the dead people.
  • Within these burials, the skeletons (or) a few bones of the dead persons were placed along with grave goods including iron objects, carnelian beads and bronze objects.
  • Some of the burials do not have human bones and they have only the grave goods.
  • They may be called memorial burials.
3. What is known as burnishing?

Part - C

III. Answer in detail.

1. Compare and contrast the culture of Mesolithic and Neolithic period ?


  • They are found at Chennai, North Arcot, Dharmapuri, Salem, Coimbatore, Ariyalur, Trichi, Pudukottai, Madurai, Sivagangai, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari.
Neolithic period

  • Oxen were used in Sumerian civilization for tilling the land. Mehrgarh in Pakistan has evidence of sheep, goat and cattle domestication in the Neolithic period.


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