12th English Unit 1 Supplementary Assignment Answers TN SCERT

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12th English Unit 1 – Supplementary

Assignment Answers TN SCERT

12th Standard English Unit 1 – Supplementary Assignment Answer key. TN SCERT Assignment Answer Key.  12th Standard All Subject TN SCERT Assignment Unit 1 Answers. TN SCERT Announced 1st to 12th All Subject Assignment Worksheets for Unit 1. Students Can Note that 12th Mathematics Unit 1 TNSCERT Assignment.  12th Tamil Assignment Answers, 12th Tamil Assignment Answers download PDF. 12th Maths Assignment Answers Unit 1 TNSCER Tamil Medium and English Medium.  

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12th English Assignment Answers

12th Standard English Unit 1 TN SCERT Assignment Answer key.

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12th ENGLISH - UNIT 1 - Supplementary God Sees the Truth, But Waits Answers


  • Class:12 Subject: English
  • Unit 1 – Supplementary 
  • God Sees the Truth, But Waits  

Unit 1 – Supplementary God Sees the Truth, But Waits

Part - A

I. Choose the correct answer for the following sentences.

1. “God Sees the Truth, But Waits” is a story written by 

(a) Tennyson (b) Leo Tolstoy (c) Chetan Bhagat (d)Yann Martel

2. How many years Aksionov spend in Siberia?

(a) 26 (b) 35 (c) 43 (d) 13

3. Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov is a merchant in 

(a) Rome (b) Vladimir (c) Washington (d) Vatican

4. The story takes the parable of 

(a) Forgiveness (b)remembrance (c)cheating (d)jealous

5. Aksionov  gave up his habit after marriage.

(a) over eating (b) teasing others  (c)drinking (d)cheating

Part - B

II. Answer the following questions in one or two lines.

1. What made Akisionov leave the inn before dawn?

Aksionov was an early riser. He wanted to travel when the air was cool. So, he left the inn before dawn.

2. What is the importance of Akisionov wife‟s dream?

 The importance of her dream is that when he returned from the town, she saw that his hair was quite grey.

3. What made Akisionov spend his life in jail?

4. Did Akisionov released from imprisonment? Why?

5. What made Akisionov think that Maker was the real murderer?

Part - C

III. Answer the following questions in three or four lines.

1. Write the circumstances that led Akisionov‟s imprisonment?

A blood-stained knife has been taken from his bag and in his former days, he used to drink and waste his time. These were the circumstances that led to Aksionov’s imprisonment.

2. Did the police officer have sufficient evidence to convict Akisionov?

 Yes, the blood-stained knife was found in Aksionov’s bag. When interrogated, he turned pale and started shivering. He did not have much to say to prove his innocence. Thus, the circumstantial evidence were sufficient to convict Aksionov.

3. What impact did the book “The lives of Saints” have on Akisionov?

The book “The lives of saints” had a more impact on Aksionov. He read this book when there was enough time in prison. The prison authorities liked Aksionov for his weakness and his fellow prisoners respected and called him “grandfather” and “The Saint” when there were quarrels among the prisoners, they came to him to put things right and to judge the matter.

4. Pick out the clues that convey that Maker recognized Akisionov?

5. Why did Akisionov give up sending pettions?

Part - D

IV. Write in detail.

1. Describe the character sketch of Akisionov.

2. Describe the life of Aksionov in prison.

Aksionov – to be flagged -sent to mines – driven to Siberia – twenty-six years – became white hair – often prayed – earned a little – read the book – respected – lived simple – called – grandfather – saint – spent life peacefully.
Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov was condemned to be flogged and sent to the mines. So he was flogged with a knot and when the wounds made by the knot were healed, he was driven to Siberia with other convicts. For twenty-six years Aksionov lived as a convict in Siberia.
In prison, Aksionov learned to make boots and earned a little money, with which he bought the book “The lives of saints”. He read the book when there was sufficient light in prison. On Sundays, he read the lessons and sang in the choir. The prison authorities liked him for his meekness. Fellow prisoners, having realized that he was innocent, respected him and called him grandfather. He was made their spokesperson petition their genuine grievances in the jail. When there were quarrels among the prisoners, they brought their cases to Aksionov for settlement. The jail authorities respected him for his exemplary manners.


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