10th Social Science Geography Assignment Answer Key July Month

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10th Social Science | Geography

Assignment Answer Key

10th Standard Social Science Geography Unit 2 Assignment Answer key, 10th Geography  Unit 2 Climate and natural vegetation of India.  10th Social Science July Month Assignment Answer key.

10th July Month Assignment Answer Key
10th July Month Assignment Answer Key

  • Class: 10
  • Subject: Social Science
  • Unit 2 -  Climate and natural vegetation of India


Class: 10                                                                                                    Subject: Social Science


Unit: 2 Climate and natural vegetation of India

Part - A

I.One Mark Questions.

1.Temperature decreases at the rate of ______ for every 1000 meters of ascent.
(a) 7.5° C 
(b) 6.5° C 
(c) 5.5° C 
(d) 9.5° C
2.____ helps in quick ripening of mangoes along the coast of Kerala and
(a) Loo 
(b) Norwester 
(c) Mango showers 
(d) Jet stream
3.The monsoon forests are otherwise called as __________.
(a) Tropical evergreen forest 
(b) Deciduous forest
(c) Mangrove forest 
(d) Mountain forest
4.Sesahachalam hills, a Biosphere reserve is situated in __________.
(a) Tamil Nadu 
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Madhya Pradesh 
(d) Karnataka
5. __________ is a line joining the places of equal rainfall.
(a) Isohyets 
(b) Isobar 
(c) Isotherm 
(d) Latitudes
Part – B

II. Very Short Answer.

1. Distinguish between the Weather and Climate.
2. Distinguish between the North East Monsoon and South West Monsoon.
3.Give reasons Mountains are cooler than the plains.

Part – C

III. Short Answer.

1. Write a short note on Monsoon?
2. Write a note on The Indian Board for Wildlife?
3. Name the four distinct seasons of India?

Part – D

IV.Write in detail.

1. Write about South West Monsoon?
2. Describe the forests of India?
3. List the factors affecting climate of India? Explain?

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