10th Social Science Economics Assignment Answer Key

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10th Social Science | Economics

Assignment Answer Key

10th Standard Social Science  Economics  Unit 2 Assignment Answer key, 10th  Economics  Unit 2 Climate and natural vegetation of India.  10th Social Science July Month Assignment Answer key.

10th Social Science

    10th July Month Assignment Answer Key
    10th July Month Assignment Answer Key

    • Class: 10
    • Subject: Social Science -  Economics 
    • Unit 2 -   Globalization and Trade 


    Class: 10                                                                                                          Subject: Social science

    Unit-2 Globalization and Trade

    Part – A

    I.One Mark Questions:

    1. Who is the head of the World Trade Organization (WTO)?
    a) Ministerial conference 
    b) Director General
    c) Deputy Director General 
    d) None of these

    2. Colonial advent in India.
    a) Portuguese, Dutch, English, Danish, French
    b) Dutch, English, Danish, French
    c) Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French, English
    d) Danish, Portuguese, French, English, Dutch

    3. GATT’s first round held in
    a) Tokyo 
    b) Uruguay 
    c) Torquay 
    d) Geneva

    4. India signed the Dunke Draft in
    a) 1984 
    b) 1976 
    c) 1950 
    d) 1994

    5. who granted the English “Golden Fireman” in 1632
    a) Jahangir 
    b) Sultan of Golconda
    c) Akbar 
    d) Aurangzeb

    Part – B

    II. Very Short Answer.

    1.What is globalization?
    2.Write the types of globalization
    3.Write short note on Multinational corporation.

    Part – C

    III. Short Answer.

    1. Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of Multinational
    corporation. (MNC).
    2. Write about the World Trade Organization.
    3. Write the challenges of Globalization.

    Part – D

    IV. Write in detail.

    1.Consolidate the reason for the growth of Multinational corporation
    (MNC)in India?

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