10th Science Unit 7 Assignment Answer key July

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10th Science 

July Month Assignment Answer Key

Unit 7 Atoms and Molecules Answers.

10th Science July Month Assignment Answer key Unit 7 Atoms and Molecules Answers.Tamil Medium, English Medium Download PDF. TN SCERT,  ASSIGNMENT 1 QUESTION & ANSWER KEY TN SCERT

Class : 10th
Subject: Science
Unit: 7 Atoms and Molecules  

Class-10                                                                                                                     Subject: SCIENCE

UNIT – VII- Atoms and Molecules

Part - A

I.One Mark Questions

1. Number of electrons, protons and neutrons present in 17Cl3517Cl37 is- --------------

a) 17e ̄ , 17p+, 17n
17e ̄ , 17p+, 19n
b) 18e ̄ , 18p+, 17n
17e ̄ , 20p+, 19n
c) 17e ̄ , 17p+, 18n
17e ̄ , 17p+, 20n
d) 18e ̄ , 17p+, 18n
20e ̄ , 20p+, 17n

2. Isobars are defined as---------
a) Elements show same atomic number with different mass number
b) Elements show same mass number with different atomic number
c) Elements show same valency
d) None of these

3. The Atomicity of Glucose molecule is ________.
a) 6 
b) 12 
d) 18

4. The mass of 5 moles of sodium is -------------
a) 46g 
b) 34g 
c) 105g 
d) 115g

5. Number of atoms present in 3 moles of iron is--------
a) 6.023 x 1023   
b) 18.069 x 1023   c
c) 12.046 x 1023
d) None

Part – B

II. Short Answer.

6. Define : Relative atomic mass
7. Give any two examples for heteroatomic molecules
8. Calculate the number of moles in 46 g of Sodium?
9.Calculate the mass of the5×1023molecules of Glucose.
10.Calculate the number of molecules in 11.2 litre of CO2 at S.T.P.

Part – C

III. Write in detail.

1. Give the salient features of “Modern Atomic Theory”.

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