10th Science Unit 12 Assignment answers

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10th Science 

July Month Assignment Answer Key

UNIT – XII-Plant Anatomy and Plant Physiology

10th Science July Month Assignment Answer key UNIT – XII-Plant Anatomy and Plant Physiology Answers. Tamil Medium, English Medium Download PDF. TN SCERT,  ASSIGNMENT 1 QUESTION & ANSWER KEY TN SCERT

Class : 10th
Subject: Science
UNIT – 12 Plant Anatomy and Plant Physiology


Class-10                                                                                                                 Subject: SCIENCE

UNIT – XII-Plant Anatomy and Plant Physiology

Part - A

I. One Mark Questions

1. Who is the father of plant anatomy?
a) Sachs 
b) Nehemiah Grew 
c) Melvin Calvin 
d) C.N.R.Rao

2. The group of cells which are similar or dissimilar in structure and origin that perform similar function is called
a) Organ System 
b) Vascular Bundles 
c) Tissues 
d) Pericycle

3. The pores present in Epidermis are called
a) Stomata 
b) Cuticle 
c) Trichome 
d) Stele

4. Xylem and Phloem are present in different radii of ----------
a) root 
b) stem 
c) leaf 
d) flower

5. If xylem and phloem lie on the same radii that vascular bundle is -------------
a) radial bundle 
b) conjoint bundle
c) concentric and amphivasal
d) amphicribral

Part – B

II. Short Answer.

1. What are tissues?
2.Classify the types of plant tissues.
3.What are the functions of Dermal or Epidremal tissue system?
4.Write a short note about vascular bundle of Dicot root.
5.What is Radial vascular bundle? Give example.

Part – C

III. Write in detail.

6.a)Differentiate the following Monocot root and Dicot root
   b) Draw a neat labelled diagram of Radial vascular bundle

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