10th English July Month Assignment Answer key

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10th English

July Month Assignment Answer key 
10th English Assignment 2 Answer key
10th English July Month Assignment Answer key , 10th Tamil, English, Maths, Science, Social Science July Month Assignment Answer key Tamil Medium, English Medium Download PDF. TN SCERT,  ASSIGNMENT 1 QUESTION & ANSWER KEY TN SCERT

    Class: 10 Subject: English


    Part - A

    I.One Mark Questions

    1. Where was the author when he heard the noise?
    a) kitchen 
    b) bedroom
    c) living room 
    d) study room

    2. Who were the narrator‟s neighbours?
    a) Mr. Herman and his wife 
    b) Mr. Bodwell and his friend
    c) Mr. Bodwell and his wife 
    d) policeman and his wife

    3. Who used the Zither?
    a) Guinea pig 
    b) grand father
    c) policemen 
    d) the author

    4. What did the narrator think the unusual sound was_________
    a) door sound 
    b) ghost
    c) vessel 
    d) thief

    5. The cops broke the _______ door. Thus they managed to enter the locked
    a) middle 
    b) front
    c) back 
    d) wooden

    Choose the appropriate meanings for the underlined words.

    6. The slamming of the door aroused the mother.
    a) knocking 
    b) tapping
    c) opening 
    d) shutting noisily

    7. She peered out of her room.
    a) vanished 
    b) pulled
    c) emerged 
    d) appeared

    8. “Nothing” he said gruffly.
    a) softly 
    b) politely
    c) silently 
    d) harshly

    Choose the appropriate antonyms for the underlined words.

    9. .....the night had been distinctly a defeat for them.
    a) failure 
    b) success
    c) difficult 
    d) loss

    10. They obviously did not like the layout.
    a) clearly 
    b) evidently
    c) certainly 
    d) doubtfully

    11. We thought at first he had forgotten all about what had happened.
    a) remembered 
    b) overlooked
    c) removed 
    d) memorized

    12. Write the plural form „Buffalo‟.
    a) Buffalos 
    b) Buffaloes
    c) Buffalo 
    d) Buffalloo

    13. Give the plural form of „ lady
    a) Lady 
    b) ladyes
    c) Ladys 
    d) ladies

    Choose the appropriate article of the following sentences from
    the options given.( a, an, the)

    14. There is anattic.
    15. It is  an  old building.
    16. The Sun rises in the east.

    Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate prepositional phrase.

    17. Everything falls to the ground_________ earth‟s gravitational pull.
    a) in addition to 
    b) because of
    c) cause of 
    d) in accordance with

    18. As a ________ his hardwork he achieved the target.
    a) instead of 
    b) consequence of
    c) result of 
    d) apart from

    19. Children are given toys ________ sweets on children‟s day
    a) on top of 
    b) in addition to
    c) due to
    d) in effect of

    Read the following lines and answer the questions given below:

    There‟s a family nobody likes to meet
    They live, it is said on complaining street
    In the city of never- Are – satisfied
    The river of discontent beside

    20. Pick out the rhyming words from the above lines

    meet - street  
    satisfied  - beside 

    21. Identify the rhyme scheme from the above lines
    a) Abab 
    b) abcd
    c) Aaba 
    d) aabb

    22. Identify the figure of speech employed in the second line.
    a) Metaphor 
    b) similie
    c) Personification 
    d) Anaphora

    23. Pick out the alliterated words from the above lines.
    Ans : said , street , satisfied 

    Fill in the blanks with the right option

    24. Who gifted Zigzag to Somu?
    a) An English witch doctor 
    b) An African witch doctor
    c) An Indian witch doctor 
    d) A French witch doctor

    25. What is the title of Mrs. Krishnan‟s paintings?
    a) Sun set at Marina 
    b) Sunrise at Marina
    c) Sea shores of Marina 
    d) Sea waves of Marina

    26. Somu wanted Dr. Krishnan to keep Zigzag a ________ with his family
    for a week.
    a) A bird 
    b) snake
    c) Beetle 
    d) crow

    27. Zig-zag could sing and talk in ____ languages.
    b) 20
    c) 15 
    d) 25

    28. It perched on the __________ and snored.
    a) Curtain rod 
    b) fan
    b) Wall 
    d) Car

    29. The inmates wanted to send it back. Kishan took it to the ______
    a) Car 
    b) hospital
    c) Zoo 
    d) garden

    30. They wanted to keep _______ for another week .
    a) The painting 
    b) the servant
    c) The friends 
    d) zig zag

    Part – B

    II. Short Answer.

    1. Who were the narrator‟s neighbours?

           The narrator's neighbours were a retired engraver named Bodwell and his wife.

    2. What was the grandfather wearing?

            The grandfather wearing a long flannel nightgown , over long woolen pants  , a cap and a leather jacket.

    3. What woke up the mother?

            The slamming of the door woke up the mother . 

    4. Who used the Zither and how?

           The guinea pig used the Zithar .It used to sleep on it.

    5. Were the policemen willing to leave the house?

           No , the policemen were reluctant to leave the house without getting hand on someone.

    6. Where does the grumble family live?

          The family lives on complaining street.

    7. What does the word „growl‟ mean?

         ' Growl ' here means an angry sound to signal dissatisfaction . 

    8. What does the phrase „to keep our feet from wandering‟ refer to?

         One should avoid treading on the Complaining street.

    9. What was Mrs.Krishnan busy with?

      Mrs.Krishnan was busy with her paintings.

    10. What are the pets did Somu have?

     Some had a giant green - and  - gold fighting beetle and a pet snake , the African sidewinter.

    Part – C

    III. Write in detail.

    1. Describe the funny incident that caused the confusion in the house?

    • Prose : The Night the Ghost Got In
    • Author :James Grover Thurber
    • Theme :Fear leads to chaos and commotion
    • Characters :The Narrator, Herman his brother, their mother, grandfather, Bodwells, a journalist and the cops

                       On November 17, 1915, Thurber hears some footsteps while taking bath. It is around 1’O clock in the morning. He thinks that it is his father and brother, Roy. When he sticks his head out the door, he doesn't see anyone. He walks out into the hall. He hears footsteps again. He wakes his brother, Herman to help him. They don't see anyone but hear the sounds of footsteps. They go back to their rooms and slam the doors. Their mother wakes up on hearing the sound. She believes there are burglars in the house. She throws a shoe into the window of the neighbour's house. She asks him to call the police. The police arrive. The grandfather ends up shooting one of the policemen in the arm, thinking he is a deserter. They find no evidence and leave. It was the grandfather who came to the dining room to drink water.

    Moral: Imagination of odd things leads to humour

    2. Write a paragraph on „The Grumble Family‟ and their attitude towards other folks?

    • Poem - The Grumble Family
    • Poet - Lucy Maud Montgomery
    • Theme -Be happy with what you have

    The Grumble family lives on Complaining Street. No one likes to meet them. They are never satisfied with their life. They are also discontented. They growl at everything. Whatever happens, they find nothing right . Their status is high. They are called grumblers. They are always gloomy in nature. They never stop growling. Even if something good happens, they grumble. It is wise not to walk into their street. No one should meet them. If not, they will acquire the grumbling nature. We should be happy and wear a smile in our face. We should never complain or feel dejected.

    Moral: Live life with a smile

    3. Narrate the story Zigzag in your own words.

    • Story ; Zigzag
    • Author : Asha Nehemiah
    • Theme : A humourous story about a bird
    • Characters : Dr. Krishnan, Mrs. Krishnan, Arvind, Maya, Somu

               Somu left the bird Zigzag at Mr.Krishnan's house. He told that the bird can speak 21 languages. On the first day it didn't utter a word. Arvind and Maya tried to make the bird speak but in vain. It looked dull. It was provided with nuts and fruits. It eats a few and picked some fruits. It kept it on the blade of the fan. It started to sleep and to snore. Nobody was able to bear it. The members of the house tried everything to stop it from snoring but they failed. People from neighbouring houses started to complain. The maid unknowingly switched on the fan. The papaya and orange fruit splatterel on the unfinished painting of Mrs.Krishnan. She requested her husband to take it away. Dr. Krishnan took Zigzag to his clinic. It transformed into a lovely bird. It entertained everyone. Dr. Krishnan was very happy. They accepted Zigzag.

    Moral: Patience and fortitude conquer all things

    4. Write a speech for your School Literary Association celebration with thegiven lead

    1. Opening
    2. Purpose
    3. Audience
    4. Language
    5. Ending

      Distinguished Chief Guest, respected Principal, beloved Supervisor, Teachers, Parents and My Dear Friends, Good evening! On this auspicious occasion I stand before you with extreme pleasure on behalf of English Literary Association of our school. First of all,let me express my deep gratitude to you all for selecting me as the President of English Literary Association.

                    English Literary Association has been prestigious Association in our school since its inception. It has been working rigorously during the past few years focusing on the improvement of reading writing speaking and listening skills of the students in our school. Our vision is to make the school as a full-fledged English medium school where each student speaks and communicates through English. We know that it is a Herculean task still we aspire and labour for it. A Chinese proverb says “if you are planning for a year sow corns, if you are planning for a decade plant trees and if you are planning for a life time, educate people.” Language is the medium through which educational process fulfils its aims. So it is highly essential that students should be able to handle language in its best level. The English Literary Association has been conducting many varied activities and competitions to improve the language skills of the students.

    “Practice makes a man perfect”. We do believe in the proverb and constantly endeavour to achieve our aim.

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