TET Paper 2 Practice Test 2023 Instructions to Candidates

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TET Paper 2 Practice Test 2023 Instructions to Candidates

TET Paper 2 Practice Test 2023
TET Paper 2 Practice Test 2023


About Question Paper:

This is a practice test for TRB TET Paper I/II

The Examination will be of 30 minutes duration with 30 questions to be answered.

In CBT, questions with four options each will be displayed in the computer screen.

Candidate has to click one of the best answer to the question.

Candidates can proceed to the next question by clicking next button. Or previous question by clicking previous button. Further, they can select any question by clicking the question number displayed at the bottom.

Candidates can review any question and the answers, and the answers can be changed at any time before the closure of examination. They can skip the questions also, if they desire so.

Use the keyboard only to key-in the Register number, User id (Reg_id) and Password.

Candidate can use only the mouse to select the correct answers and proceed with answering the questions.

Candidates can submit their answers at any time during the examination. If he / she wants to close the examination, he / she can but shall remain in the seat till the scheduled time of examination.

Once the answers are submitted, the candidates have no option to proceed further.

If the candidate fails to submit their responses at the closure of examination, the system will automatically submit the responses chosen till that point of time of the candidate to the server.

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