10th Maths Deleted Portion 2021-2022

10th Maths Deleted Portion 2021-2022

TN 10th Standard Deleted Portion 2021-2022 Tamil Medium and English Medium. Our SSLC Students Kindly Note that Deleted Portion. 10th All Subject Reduced Syllabus 2021-22. 1st to 12th Reduced Syllabus 2021-2022. 10th Refresher Course Module Books 2021-2022.

10th Standard Mathematics Deleted Portion 2021-2022


10th Maths Deleted Portion | Syllabus

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 1 | Relations and Functions - உறவுகளும் சார்புகளும்.

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 2 | Numbers and Sequences - எண்களும் தொடர் வரிசைகளும்.

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 3 | Algebra - இயற்கணிதம்.

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 4 | Geometry - வடிவியல்.

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 5 | Coordinate Geometry - ஆயத்தொலை வடிவியல்.

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 6 | Trigonometry - முக்கோணவியல்.

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 7 | Mensuration - அளவியல்.

10th Deleted Portion Chapter 8 | Statistics and Probability - புள்ளியிலும் நிகழ்தகவும்.

10th All Subject NEW Reduced Syllabus 2021-2022

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