4th Science Term 1 Unit 1 My body Book Back Answers

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4th Science Term 1 Unit 1 My body Book Back Answers

4th Science Guide Term 1 Chapter 1 My body

I. Pick out the odd one :

Question 1.

1. Heart

2. Legs

3. Brain

4. Kidney

Answer:2. Legs

Question 2.

1. Eyes

2. Ears

3. Fingers

4. Lungs

Answer:4. Lungs

Question 3.

1. Fore brain

2. Mid brain

3. Hind brain

4. Nerves

Answer:4. Nerves

II. Complete the figure with words given in the bracket :

(Kissing on the mouth, Grand parents’ love, Hitting the buttocks, Pat of dad on head, Parent’s hug and kisses, Showing awkward pictures)


III. Find the answers from the following clues and circle the words (First one is done for you)

Question 1.

1. An internal organ.

2. Organ that helps us to breath.

3. An organ removing wastes from our body,

4. Unfair and unhealthy touch.

5. Everyday we should drink more ___________ .


1.      Heart

2.      Lungs

3.      Kidney

4.      Bad Touch

5.      Water

IV. Say true or false :

Question 1.

Head, hand and legs are internal organs.Answer:False

Question 2.

Heart is made up of muscles.Answer:True

Question 3.

Muscles are the soft parts that cover our bones.Answer:True

Question 4.

Brush your teeth once a day.Answer:False

 Question 5.

Father patting you on your head is a good touch.Answer:True

V. Choose the correct answer :

Question 1.

____________ is the commanding centre of our body.

(a) Heart

(b) Lungs

(c) Kidney

(d) Brain

Answer:(d) Brain

Question 2.

Food is converted to energy in the _____________.

(a) Neck

(b) Heart

(c) Stomach

(d) Nose

Answer:(c) Stomach

Question 3.

Every day we should brush our teeth __________ times.

(a) One

(b) Two

(c) Three

(d) Four

Answer:(b) Two

Question 4.

Good touch is a fair and ___________ touch.

(a) Unhealthy

(b) Bad

(c) Unsafe

(d) Healthy

Answer:(d) Healthy

Question 5.

Drink a lot of every day.

(a) Oil

(b) Water

(c) Packed juice

(d) Salt water

Answer:(b) Water

VI. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences :

Question 1.

Name the internal organs.


Some body parts such as stomach, lungs and heart that are inside our body, these parts are called internal organs.

Question 2.

What are the functions of brain?


Brain is the commanding centre of our body.

·        It controls all activities of our body like moving our hands and legs sitting or walking.

·        It helps us to think and perform various actions.

Question 3.

List out the food items for healthy mouth and teeth.


·        Drink water or milk instead of sugar juices.

·        Take plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

·        Eat candy, cake and ice cream as less as possible.

Question 4.

How will you take care of your heart and kidney?


·        For healthy Heart – Stay away from processed food. Choose fresh fruit and vegetable.

·        For healthy Kidney – Drink plenty of fluid (water & Juice).

Question 5.

What do you do when some one touches you and you feel uncomfortable?


·        Say “Don’t touch” in a loud voice.

·        Leave the spot quickly.

·        Tell elders like your parents or teachers till you get help.

VII. Think and answer :

Question 1.

When an unknown person disturbs you, how do you behave? Write in your own words.

·        I must never be afraid, to shout and say, Don’t touch me”.

·        Must leave the spot quickly.

·        Must tell elders like father or mother or teacher to get help.

Question 2.

Which organ controls thinking, speaking and learning. Write its three important parts.


·        The organ that controls thinking,speaking and learning is ‘Brain’.

·        The three important parts of Brain are

1.      Fore brain

2.      Mid brain

3.      Hind brain

Samacheer Kalvi 4th Science Guide Term 1 Chapter 1 My body

Question 1.

There are some body parts hidden in the table below. Can you spot them?

1.      Hear

2.      Nose

3.      Ears

4.      Leg

5.      Hand

Try to Answer (Text Book Page No. 83)

Question 1.

______ (Nose / Brain) is an internal organ.Answer:Rain

Question 2.

We can see the internal body parts (True / False).Answer:False

Try to Answer (Text Book Page No. 86)

 Try to Answer (Text Book Page No. 90)

Question 1.

Is it Good touch or Bad touch? Why?


(A) Bad touch – It is the kind you don’t like and want it to stop.

(B) Good touch – It is a way for people to show they care and help for each other.

Try to Answer (Text Book Page No. 92)

Look at the picture and write ‘Good touch’ or ‘Bad touch’.

Samacheer Kalvi 4th Science Guide My body Additional Questions and Answers

Question 1.

fore brain, mid brain, hind brain, centre brain

Answer:Center brain

Question 2.

spongy, J-shaped, contract, expand


Question 3.

bean shaped, purify blood, filtering, breath in

Answer:Bean shaped

Write True or False :

Question 1.

Brain is protected by skull.


Question 2.

We have three kidneys.


Question 3.

Lungs help us to breath.


Question 4.

When we breath in, the lungs become bigger.


Question 5.

We breath out, we give out oxygen from the lungs.


Question 6.

Lungs pumps blood to all parts of the body.


Fill the blanks :

Question 1.

When we breath out, we give out __________ from the lungs.

(a) Carbon dioxide

(b) Oxygen

(c) Nitrogen

(d) Hydrogen

Answer:(a) Carbon dioxide

Question 2.

The heart beat about __________ in a minute.

a) 71 times

b) 72 times

c) 62 times

d) 60 times

Answer:(b) 72 times

Question 3.

How many kidneys does the human body have?

(a) 2

(b) 1

(c) 3

(d) 4

Answer:(a) 2

Question 4.

How many bones are there in an adult human being?

(a) 210

(b) 260

(c) 206

(d) 201

Answer:(c) 206

Question 5.

The main function of the kidney is

(a) To control blood pressure

(b) To control body temperature

(c) To remove waste product from the body

(d) To help in digestion of food.

Answer:(c) To remove waste product from the body

Question 6.

How many bone are there is a newly born infant

(a) 206

(b) 230

(c) 280

(d) 300

Answer:(d) 300

Question 7.

Which is the largest organ in the human body?

(a) Liver

(b) Heart

(c) Skin

(d) Kidney

Answer:(c) Skin

V. Fill in the blanks.

Question 1.

Stomach is a __________ bag found below the lungs.Answer:J-shaped

Question 2.

Heart is made up of _________.Answer:Muscles

Question 3.

Stomach contains special juice to breakdown ___________ into energy.Answer:Food

Question 4.

The kidneys purify __________.Answer:Blood

VI. Answer the following questions in one r two sentences :

Question 1.

Draw a human heart and colour the picture.


Question 2.

What happens to the lungs when we breathe in?


       When we breath in, we take in oxygen from air through the nose and pass it to the lungs.

       The lungs expands (becomes big) in the position.

Question 3.

What is milk teeth?


       The first set of teeth starts to develop from the age of six months.

       They are called milk teeth and they are 20 in number.

Question 4.

Name the four types of the permanent teeth.


There are four types of teeth: Incisors, Canines, Premolars and Molars.

Question 5.

How do you take care of your mouth and teeth?


       Change toothbrush once in every three months.

       Avoid sticky food.

       Brush twice a day. (After getting up and before going to bed)

       Rinse your mouth with water every time after you eat.

Question 6.

List out the activities related to bad touch.


·        Touching the buttocks and other private parts.

·        Hitting, slapping, spitting, pushing or punching, kissing.

·        Activities that make you feel scared or nervous or ashamed.

·        Dirty talk and dirty pictures.

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