10th Maths Refresher Course Answer key English Medium

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10th Maths Refresher Course Answer key

English Medium

10th Standard Refresher Course Module Answer key English Medium. 10th Maths All Units Refresher Course Answer key.  10th Maths Refresher Course Answer key English Medium, Tamil Medium.  10th Refresher Course Module Books | 10th Maths Tamil Medium  Refresher Answer key 2021-2022.
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  • 1. Set, representation of sets and its types
  • 2. Set operations, properties of set operations
  • 3. De Morgan’s laws and application of cardinality of sets
  • 4. Real numbers
  • 5. Surds and Scientific notations
  • 6. Polynomials, Remainder Theorem
  • 7. Algebraic Identities, factorisation
  • 8. Division of polynomials and GCD
  • 9. Algebra – Linear Equations in two variables
  • 10. Types of Angles, Parts of a circle, Properties of Chord
  • 11. Quadrilaterals and Cyclic quadrilaterals
  • 12. Construction of a triangle
  • 13. Coordinate Geometry
  • 14. Section formula and centroid
  • 15. Heron’s formula, total surface area and lateral surface area of cube
  • 16. Cube and Cuboid
  • 17. Introduction to trigonometry and Trigonometric ratios
  • 18. Trigonometry ratios for complementary angles and usage of trigonometric tables
  • 19. Statistics
  • 20. Probability

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