12th Chemistry Free Online Test

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12th Chemistry Free Online Test 

12th Chemistry Free Online Test Unit 1 to 15. Free Mock Test For 12th Students and also NEET, JEE Students. 12th chemistry free online test start board syllabus. 12th Standard EM Chemistry Online Test. Covers all chapters / lessons / topics in 12th Standard EM - Chemistry Subject
Includes questions based on all conceptual topics. Questions prepared by the experienced teachers based on updated syllabus. Perfect for understanding and checking your knowledge in every chapters / topics / Lessons. TN 12th Chemistry MCQ Online Test Online Tests helps students to check their performance and areas of improvement in a specific chapter.
Best preparation online source to score good marks final exams and crack entrance level exams or scholarship tests

After completing the test, student gets his / her score over the screen with correct answers.
Free Trial Practice Tests & Paid Tests available for 12th Standard EM - Chemistry Subject.   

Unit - 1 : Metallurgy Click Here

Unit - 2 : P - Block Elements - I Click Here

Unit - 3 : P - Block Elements - II Click Here

Unit - 4 : Transition and Inner Transition Elements Click Here

Unit - 5 : Coordination Chemistry Click Here

Unit - 6 : Solid State Click Here

Unit - 7 : Chemical Kinetics Click Here

Unit - 8 : Ionic Equilibrium Click Here

Unit - 9 : Electro Chemistry Click Here

Unit - 10 : Surface Chemistry Click Here

Unit - 11 : Hydroxy Compounds and Ethers Click Here

Unit - 12 : Carbonyl Compounds and Carboxylic Acids Click Here

Unit - 13 : Organic Nitrogen Compounds Click Here

Unit - 14 : Biomolecules Click Here

Unit - 15 : Chemistry In Everyday Life Click Here



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